Bear Grylls Survival Kit

Putting together your own survival kit can become expensive. Sometimes it is more cost effective to buy a pre-made survival kit. This Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit is a nice kit to keep in your pack for an emergency situation.

All of the items pack away into a rather small container. The items that are included would help tremendously in any crisis situation. This little package comes with a big amount of much-needed accessories and is packaged very well.

This kit is a great start to building a bug out bag or just to be prepared in the event of an emergency. It’s not too expensive, good combination of parts, fairly small and light, and in a waterproof bag. The zip closure plastic bag is thick and does the job.

The Gerber miniature multi-tool that is included is well built, lightweight and easy to carry. The fire starter in this kit works great, it requires less effort to get a spark and all the sparks go in the direction you need them too.