Breaking Bad Walter White Figure


Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher and family man, learns he has inoperable lung cancer. To secure his family’s financial future, he begins making meth with Jesse Pinkman, a former student. The two become known for their top-quality blue meth, but success has its complications: Walt finds himself in over his head in the drug underworld. Meanwhile, a DEA team led by Walt’s brother-in-law, Hank Schrader, begins investigating “Heisenberg,” Walt’s alter ego.

The central character of Sony Picture Television’s critically acclaimed, award-winning, hit series Breaking Bad, is now immortalized as a collectible action figure.

 Walter comes with the recognizable yellow hazmat suit that you normally have seen him “cooking” on the TV show.

Figure stands approx 6 inches tall.

I am not in danger. I am the danger Walter White.