Electric Styles Hoodies

Light up hoodies have EL wire running around the front seam and the hood, which glows in a choice of colors and in slow and fast blinking modes. EL is short for Electro Luminescent, and is a wire that lights up when powered by electricity from a battery. Most light up hoodies are charged by 2 AA batteries inside a battery pack unit which is hidden away in the seam of the hoodie’s pocket.

Light up hoodies are getting more and more popular with every passing day. They have been around for some time now, and if we talk about light up clothes, they’ve been around for decades, worn by celebrities and glam rock stars of yesteryears.



How much do light up hoodies cost


The biggest difference between light up clothes of that time and today is that now, they have become very affordable and easily available to anyone. A decent light up hoodie costs anywhere between $50 and $70, and you can buy them from a wide choice of online stores. You will find them on Amazon, and most other ecommerce websites. With Amazon’s air-tight return and refund policies, it makes more sense to buy from there. A problem with the light up hoodies which makes it more important to have a return policy in place, is that their size runs slightly tight and on the smaller side, so many times they don’t fit well, and the hoodie has to be exchanged with the next higher size. Amazon does that without any questions asked, and immediately.

Along with light up hoodies you can also go in for light up T-shirts, halter tops, ties, sunglasses and a lot of other clothing accessories available to buy from online stores.


Where to wear light up hoodies

Light up hoodies are extremely popular with young and old, and is becoming the hoodie of choice for festivals, music concerts, parties, jogging at night, discotheques and funky celebrations and night-outs. Though a lot of youngsters wear light up hoodies, the older audience is also wearing them. Many people who jog or cycle at night prefer to wear light up hoodies as it makes them visible in the dark. Most light up hoodies also come with a sound activated battery pack option, which makes the EL wires light up to the sound of music. This costs an additional $8-10.

Lots of skateboarders also like to wear light up hoodies, and another great combination would be wearing light up hoodies while riding your hoverboard, also known as the mini segway.


What care has to be taken of light up hoodies

Though light up hoodies are durable, of a good material and well made, care has to be taken when washing them. The instructions with the EL hoodies say that they are machine washable but should be washed in cold and delicate mode and should NOT be put in a dryer as it will spoil the hoodie.




A fresh pair of batteries on the average lasts for about 8-10 hours. A good piece of advice from someone who regularly wears light up hoodies, is that if you plan to wear the light up hoodie for a long duration, then you should carry along an extra pair of AA batteries.


Light up hoodies come in how many colors

For most light up hoodies, the options for the colors in which the EL wire glows are Blue, Green, Pink, Red and White. The lights are controlled by a single switch on the battery pack. Just by pressing it you can switch from off to on, to slow blinking to fast blinking.



Are light up hoodies of a good quality

The material of the hoodie is very good, and feels thick and soft. It is made from the regular track suit material and is of a good quality. The hoodie is quite warm and will keep you warm and cosy in spring or fall, but it is not enough for the real winter cold.

The EL or the electro luminescent wire is stitched on very neatly, and even when the wire is not glowing, say in the day time, it looks good.

As for the size of the light up hoodies, most people need to order one size up. The hoodies are fitted (slim cut), and may feel small if you order it in your regular size. We suggest that you order one size up.

Some people who have ordered the light up hoodies have noticed a faint buzzing sound when the EL wire is lit. It is more audible when you wear the hood and the EL wire is close to your ears.

Overall the light up hoodie is a terrific piece of glowing apparel, a head turner, good quality, the EL wire lasts for about 3 years, they work well and you should go get one for yourself now.