Kinetic Picture

“Less is more!” is the minimalist interior designer’s motto. Kinetic Picture 3D puzzle illustrates the spirit of this motto in that it is concise, light-weight, open, and “translucent”.

The graphic drawing of its details combine mathematical precision with the unique artistic imagination of its creator. After it is assembled, the picture is activated with a key, and it really comes to life! All the parts begin to rotate and move.

It’s mesmerizing! The central part of the Kinetic Picture is like a clock dial and its “dance of the vine” pattern resembles the passage of time. Its effect is magnetic. Behold, and try not to let your eyes tear up! This is a fabulous ornament, and the natural wood color perfectly fits into any modern-style interior design of any room.

Putting together the Kinetic Picture is exciting, and not very difficult! This activity develops both memory and logical thinking. The Kinetic Picture is created for those who appreciate harmony in their interior design. The picture can be hung on the wall or put on a shelf, or it can also serve as a “transparent” divide between spaces.



Makes for the absolute perfect gift for a loved one or a friend, giving them not only hours of fun while creating it, but also an awesome piece of art they’ll love looking at for years on end.

It comes with a motor that’s operated by high-quality rubber bands to spin this kinetic picture. Assembling this 3D model will take around 6 hours. No glue required, simply follow the included assembly guide to get started.



Some videos from Youtube!