Laptop Desk for Bed or Sofa

The TaoTronics Laptop Table is perfectly designed for the experience of working on a desktop table while working on a bed. The table-top can be twisted and turned at an angle for an easier work position. The frame is tough and can be lengthened or shortened accordingly. The base is wide so that you could place more equipment on the top. This table has five elevation levels, the highest being high enough that you could stand and work. 






Its adjustable metal legs only have a few settings (and there isn’t much spare room for expanding it either). However, it’s quite enough for a breakfast in bed or working on your laptop. There is enough space for a 15.6-17” laptop and a mouse. The legs are equipped with slide-resistant pad which will fix your laptop on slippery surfaces.



-Large work surface

-Titling tray surface

-Adjustable height levels

-Can fold up flat




-No frills design

-Perhaps too large