“Love” Sign Letters

The 7″ tall textured LED marquee letters spell out a captivating “LOVE”, so elegant both by day and at night, making a bold statement for your coming big day, holidays, and every day. At night, 18 LED bulbs inside the marquee light up “LOVE” in romantic warm white glow, emitting adoration & affection. An inspirational way to separate your bedroom, anniversaries, holidays, special events from the others.

The marquee LOVE displays in warm white glow as if seen from the fireplace, creating a cozy ambiance; bringing romance and warmth to any place during Christmas, especially bedroom or living room. Used it as a signal or combined with other pieces to create a gorgeous Christmas display. Place it on your table as a fantastic tabletop centerpiece. One keyhole slot at back for an easy wall decor

Once the light is switched on, the timer is triggered. The light will stay on for 6 hours and remain off for 18 hours, only to light up again for another 6 hours automatically. Suitable for both daily home decorations & festival decorations (Valentine’s Day, Wedding Ceremony ) to increase festive ambience.

No power outlet needed & requires 2 AA batteries (included). 18 long lasting LED bulbs provide low energy consumption while enhancing your festival cheer & produce no heat after long-time use. It will always be in the OFF position when you receive your order, you will need to switch it to the ON position (at back) during installation. An ON/OFF switch is at back.