Magic Flying Butterfly

The clever Flying Butterfly Trick is an amazing novelty sold by the legendary S.S. Adams Company for many decades. Though the company is now part of magic history, we were lucky to obtain a supply of these butterflies so that you would have the opportunity to own one of the most amusing novelty tricks ever created! A great bit of magic nostalgia! Open the book, and suddenly a large, colorful butterfly zooms out of the pages and into the air!  Startling and amazing, it’s truly a magical moment! The butterfly can be produced out of a book, a birthday card, a box, a hat- anything that will hold it flat until you release it. Of course, you can also just hold it in your hand and let it go! The trick is completely automatic- it really does work all by itself! 
And it can be used over and over and over again! Perfect for adding a bit of the unexpected to a theatrical production, a talent show act or a birthday party show. A great gift to someone who starts learning magicians stuff!