Night Runner

The first product of its kind, Night Runner shoe lights help you stay active past sundown by offering unrivaled visibility, comfort, and safety in low-light environments.

Whether you’re hitting the city run trails or pounding the pavement, Night Runner’s 150 lumen LEDs help you stride confidently by illuminating the path up to 30 feet ahead of you. Plus, back-facing red tail lights alert motorists of your location. 






-Two ultra-light LED light units – 1.5 oz.

-Back-facing red tail lights

-4-8 hour battery life

-Li-ion rechargeable battery

-150 total lumens

-30+ meters in beam distance

-Bi-lateral ‘wing’ design

-Water-resistant unit

-Secure, stable, multi-position shoelace clips


The Night Runner 270°‘s are not difficult to figure out.  They come with a double charging unit (one for each light), and turn on with the big red button.   The clip allows you to slide the light right onto your shoe.  Really, you don’t even need to read the instruction manual; they are out-of-the-box easy to understand.

Because not all hope is lost, I will point out that the Night Runner 270°‘s make an amazing supplemental light.  With the Night Runner 270°‘s on your feet, and either a headlamp or handheld lamp, you really light up the trail.

Further, forget seeing the trail/road at night…these lights will ensure that others (approaching traffic, other runners, bears?) see YOU coming.  And we can never be too safe when it comes to distracted drivers.