Official Kala Learn to Play Ukulele

The Proper Way to Pick Up the Ukulele

The Kala Learn to Play Starter Kit is a smart value for the aspiring ukulele student or self-starter. At its heart is a well-playing soprano ukulele built from industry-standard tonewoods: a rich mahogany body and neck and an articulate walnut fingerboard. An advanced nut and saddle by aftermarket guitar-parts leader GraphTech enhance this instrument’s tone and sustain, while a set of Italian-made synthetic gut Aquila Supernylgut strings impart projection and tonal characteristics you’d never expect at this price point. You also get Kala’s Quick Start guide as a springboard and Kala’s own Learn to Play online lessons for deeper diving into chord formations and playing technique. Includes a tote for storage and transport




Real mahogany/walnut construction

You’ll find mahogany bodies and necks in some of the finest guitars available today. The Kala LTP ukulele is built from real mahogany for a rich, warm tone and great sustain. A walnut fingerboard offers response and articulation you won’t outgrow.


Aquila Supernylgut strings

Italian-made Aquila synthetic gut ukulele strings are recommended in uke forums the Internet over. The Kala LTP ukulele comes stock with Aquila Supernylguts, regarded as much for their waxy feel and noiseless fretting as for their impressive projection, sweet tone, and tuning stability.


GraphTech nut and saddle

A synthetic bone nut and saddle from GraphTech take this value-packed ukulele from good to great, maximizing sustain at both ends of the instrument.


Includes print and online lessons

The Kala LTP ukulele includes not just the Kala Quick Start guide, but instant access to a wealth of beginning and advanced lessons via Kala’s Learn to Play platform. If you’ve been on the fence about learning the ukulele or facilitating a loved one to do so, the Kala Learn to Play ukulele starter kit from Sweetwater is the perfect reason to start.

Kala Learn to Play Soprano Ukulele Starter Kit Features:

-The right way to learn the ukulele

-Industry-standard tonewoods (mahogany, walnut) give the LTP soprano uke a rich voice

-Aquila Supernylgut strings offer impressive projection, noiseless response, and superior tone

-Synthetic bone GraphTech nut and saddle maximize sustain

-Online lessons and Quick Start guide provide crucial ukulele education

-Learn songs and stay in tune via the free Kala App