Outdoor Telescopic Rod Lamp

I really like this product I have one I keep in my CAR and one in both my RV and BOAT. I use them for lighting up my area at night for working and playing. They are very bright at 2000 Lumens 12 foot in the air. The LIGHT really is nice being UP to  12 Feet (3.75m) in the air on the Telescoping Rod.


Easy to connect the lamp to your vehicle’s Utility Plug in the dash or connect it directly to the vehicle’s Battery with the provided alligator clips adaptor. Having the LIGHT PANEL 12 FOOT up makes a great spread of light and illuminates the area very nicely. Just stab the rod mount in the ground then insert the rod for quick placement. I use it on our boat for fishing and it helps to attract the fish in and the bugs stay away up high. It was used to illuminate the side of the road to change a tire. Very handy It does have Flash MODES for Fun and emergency distress beacon flashing.

You can Adjust the brightness 10%-100% The Remote is RF so NO need to have direct sight to change the mode. I enjoy hearing my friends oww and aww after I set it up for some extra light at the party.





Function: Field camping, Road trip, Night fishing enthusiast, Party Lighting, Mobile Street Lighting, Mobile Panel Lighting.

Battery: Connect the lamp to the car battery, Or connect the lamp to a 12V storage battery. Fishing rod: 3.75M telescopic fishing

Package includes: 1 x Lamp 2000 lumen

1 x 12Foot telescopic fiber Rod

1 x RF Remote Controller

1 x 12volt Car utility (Cigarette lighter) PLUG-IN adapter

1 x 12volt Battery Alligator CLIPS to battery adapter

1 x 12 foot Wires

1 x Stake Rod Mount

1 x Butterfly Led Panel mounting Hardware

1 x Carrying Bag