Scooter Safari


Clockwork Dreams presents The Scooter Safari! This 3D Wooden Puzzle was designed by famous automata artist Keith Newstead. This whimsical automata toy comes to life by turning the handle crank, which sets the gears in motion.



The product features a couple riding on a scooter. The automaton creates the illusion of motion with the graceful movement of the scooter accompanied by a host of animals who are part of the safari! In the background, the city looms with its landmark buildings. A fun project for all ages!



These sculptures are made from precision-cut (CNC cut for high precision and quality), high-quality recyclable pinewood and can be assembled in an easy three-step process. No tools are required, without glue. Building a sculpture teaches mechanical DIY concepts in an entertaining, hands-on fashion that both children and adults can enjoy.


- colorful painted wood pieces
- step by step illustrated instructions
- Made of sustainable wood.
- CNC cut for high precision and quality





Model size7 x 11 x 13 in
Recommended Age 12+
Choking HazardKeep away from small children




A video from Youtube!