Super Precision Gyroscope

The Super Precision Gyroscope has been designed and built to the highest precision from the very start, made from solid brass with a light-weight aluminium frame. Carefully chosen stainless-steel miniature ball bearings allow it to run smoothly and almost silently for an amazingly long time. The gyroscope comes with a number of attachments allowing numerous configurations to perform scientific, educational or simply mesmerising experiments.


The gyroscope comes with 2 x 50 mm long stainless steel extension rods, 2 x ball ends, 1 x slotted end. The rods when screwed together will extend 100mm, they can be screwed in other positions to create various experiments. There are 7 places on the gyroscope that the attachments can be screwed into.

The modular design allows for numerous tricks and experiments including demonstrating gyroscopic precession and nutation. The optional gimbals kit add-on dramatically expands the range of experiments turning into an ideal educational tool. 



SUPER FAST 12,000rpm Electric motor start

The included electric motor spins the gyroscope effortless up to an impressive 12,000 revolutions per minute. The motor can be fastened to the gyroscope with two screws providing hours of continuous use or it can be used to briefly start it and quickly detach, allowing you to perform experiments for as long as 25 minutes. The electric motor makes it easy and quick to start gyroscope, with speeds you would struggle to achieve with string pull start. The motor has its own battery pack that requires 4 AA batteries. Batteries are not included.


SUPER SMOOTH computer balanced disk

If a spinning object is unbalanced it will vibrate. A gyroscope needs to be balanced, just like a wheel on a car is balanced to ensure a smooth ride. The super gyroscope disk is made from brass and machined to microns precision, ensuring the disk is incredibly symmetrical and well balanced. Despite the brass looking perfect on the surface, it is an alloy, made up of a number of other metals and these metals are not always evenly dispersed resulting in a very slight non-uniform weight distribution. To correct this, the disk is then computer balanced to an impressive 250th of a gram accuracy! Thus giving the gyroscope a highly balanced, super smooth feel, longer spin and even quieter operation.

SUPER SUSTAINED spin times of up to 25 minutes

Carefully chosen miniature ultra-low friction stainless-steel ball bearings allow it to run smoothly and almost silently for up to 25 minutes, allowing you to perform the experiments and tricks you want to do without having to reattach the electric motor. Please note: Some experiments and tricks remove quite a bit of energy from the gyroscope. This will reduce spin times.


Quickly and easily started with the INCLUDED electric motor
12,000 revolutions per minute (Faster than any pull cord gyroscope)
High speed miniature ball bearings
Computer balanced to an impressive 250th of a gram accuracy
Latest version has had the 'Spin time' (without motor) increased to 25 minutes from 7 minutes.
Very high precision manufacture
Interchangeable attachments for different experiments
Electric motor can be detached
SOLID brass 'disk'
Stainless steel shaft
Ideal for demonstrations at colleges and universities
Efficient motor allows hours of use
Can be used as executive 'toy'
Designed and built in Britain


Total Weight 345g
Gyroscope weight without motor145g
Weight of brass disk alone (with shaft) 112g
Aluminium casing, bearings and shaft weigh 33g
Outer frame diameter62.5mm
Brass disk diameter 53mm
Brass disk thickness12mm
Motor length58.2mm
Motor diameter (at largest point)28.1mm


Motor Amps (at start up) 2.5 amps
Motor Amps (at full rpm) 0.5 amps
Motor/gyroscope speed12,000 rpm~
Motor Voltage with standard batteries5.8 volts
Nominal Motor Voltage 6 volts
BatteriesFour 'AA' batteries





Here some videos from Youtube!