Tea Diver

This little deep diver is quite a unique design for difusing tea. It arrives in a cardboard box packaged quite well would work as a gift as it comes. The diver is made from silicone rubber that is food safe and dishwasher safe too. The color and shape provide a very nautical theme, perfect for a diver or sea lover. What is specifically unique to this tea infuser is the counterweight. From the infuser that sits at the bottom of your tea cup or teapot, a silicone rubber hose pipe connects out to a miniature orange and silver made of stainless steel providing ease of access to drop in and pull out your deep diver. o add your tea leaves to the diver you will need to screw off his bottom have and spoon in the desired amount of loose tea. Be careful on what type of loose tea you use with your diver as some may escape as the holes are quite big in comparison to a boring normal infuser. Its practicality as to diffuse is not perfect but what you get with this diver is fun over a brilliant cup of tea.  This Fred & Friends product is simple to use and easy to clean. It isn’t the most discreet tea infusing product available but you would buy this on a basis of fun or as a gift for someone who loves the sea such as a mermaid and those who love diving!