The Fingerboard Hoverboard


Officially licensed from Universal Studios, the NeoLev Back to the Future 1:8 Scale Hoverboard with 8” Half Pipe Base operates on the principle of magnetic repulsion. A clear acrylic base contains an anisotropic rubber magnet (aka, “track’) which creates a repulsive force against the embedded anisotropic magnets in the board allowing for levitation at a height proportional to that depicted in the movie.

The 3.25” long board (fingerboard) hovers at 0.5”! The track has a slight bend akin to a half pipe allowing the board to move forward and aft along with unique recoil characteristics when pressed down. 



The bottom half is made of a curved piece of rubber magnet oriented to oppose the magnets in the hoverboard. The curvature keeps the levitating hoverboard in the middle. The clear sides allow me to see how well the opposing forces are acting.






The clear acrylic on each side is spaced perfectly to allow the hoverboard movement along he track, but not too wide as to let magnetic oposition the board flip over. I think I want to make a little foam board version of me to ride this board as it sits on my desk.



One (1) 3.25” ABS plastic Marty McFly Hoverboard at 1:8 scale from movie
Impressive levitation height of 1/2”
Accurate and durable vinyl decal placed on Marty McFly’s pink board
Optimal magnet geometry for maximum levitation
Dimensions – 3.25” long x 0.92” wide x 0.21” thick
(83mm long x 23mm wide x 5mm thick)
Weight – 0.5 oz. (16 gram)



One (1) 8” half pipe “track” for board to hover
Sleek, durable clear acrylic support plates
Product safety tested per ASTM 963 for Ages 8+
Laser Engraved Back to the Future/NeoLev logos
Dimensions – 8.40” long x 1.35” wide x 1.25” tall
(213mmm long x 34mm wide x 32mm tall)
Weight – 5 oz. (150 gram)


About NeoLev Technologies

The NeoLev Board technology uses diamagnetic levitation which is one method for magnetic suspension without the use of control devices, electromagnets, moving parts or materials requiring sub-freezing temperatures. Popular culture and science fiction enthusiasts have portrayed hovering vehicles in Hollywood movies and books, yet actual or scale models which levitate in place and move around haven’t existed for the masses—until now! NeoLev® is the first to really get fun off the ground—literally. The NeoLev® team has evolved from an inventor tinkering in his garage into a talented team of engineers, designers, social media experts, consultants, and suppliers dedicated to the research, development and manufacturing of the NeoLev Board and its technologies.





A video from Youtube!



If you are a big fun of Back to the Future, then I’m sure that you will love this Hoverboard and the Delorean TimeMachine too!