Portable Outdoor Shower – Rechargeable

This is a neat, versatile, little shower that can serve a number of purposes. You can use it as a shower, to water your flowers, or even to get water out of your bath if you have plumbing problems! Added to this that it is battery operated, you are sure to have a warm (or cold) water shower anytime you need one.

Is a true go-anywhere shower, perfect for camping or hiking or what-have-you. Using the pump at the bottom of the 6.5-foot hose, it pulls water from virtually any sink, bucket, or basin to provide a 2.5 liter/minute (0.66 gallon/minute) shower flow.

The kit doesn’t heat the water but it does filter it for you, which is great if you need to shower with something like lake water. If you really hate cold showers though, you could heat up some water in a kettle before adding it to your bucket, or if you can, leave the bucket to warm in the sun all day while you’re away from the campsite.