Cat Cave Bed




Your favorite feline can have his very own cozy hideaway with the Earthtone Solutions Cozy Pueblo Natural Wool Cat Cave Bed. Individually and lovingly handmade in Nepal with 100% natural felted wool from New Zealand for complete and comfy insulation, your kitty’s new cave will keep him warm in the winter and cool in the summer, while also providing him with the privacy that cats crave.

Your furry friend will be attracted to the natural Lanolin in the wool, which also adds antibacterial properties and helps repel dirt, stains and odors. This snuggly haven can also be flattened to double as a cushy mat for napping and is perfect for travel.

Breathable wool keeps kitty warm in winter and cool in summer; rugged enough to resist his claws, but soft enough for plush, snuggly comfort.