Sun Earth Moon Educational Model


The concept of the rotation of the various parts (sun earth moon) of the solar system rotation is complex. This model illustrates the relationship of the three objects well and fairly accurately too. There are 10 gears made of sturdy plastic and they all rotate well enough.


The sun is orange and flimsy, the earth is nice and angled accurately and the moon is just a white sphere.

This solar system model works like you see it. I would have loved having one of these when I was growing up! The model is an excellent way to illustrate Earth’s rotation and revolutions around the sun, the seasons of the year, and the orbit/phases of our moon.





It is an indispensable auxiliary teaching tool to overcome the abstract teaching, deepen the students to master the law of celestial motion change and popularize the knowledge of astronomical science.


How to Use:
1.Insert thicker rod of the Sun into the center of the pedestal.
2.Insert narrower rod of the Sun into the handle near the edge of the season disk.
3.Turn the switch on to light up the Sun.
4.Rotate the handle counterclockwise.