Wooden Flying Pegasus

Pegasus is a mythical stallion winged divine stallion from Greek mythology. He is a child of the Olympian God Poseidon.  This automaton is a tribute to this widely celebrated character. As the crank is turned, we see the stallion charging and the wings spread as he moves forward. The motion depicts the graceful motion of Pegasus. A treat for all ages!


Our Clockwork Dreams series features 3D wooden mechanical puzzles. The whimsical automata toy comes to life by turning the handle crank that sets the gears in motion. The model is deliberately left with a clear wood finish to inspire creativity.



It can be painted upon with your favorite colors to add more character and beauty to the mechanical model. A creative puzzle for all ages!




Natural wood, unpainted and ready for your imagination. These kits are the perfect project for the whole family or a bold young and youthful mind ready to make their own automata masterpiece. Each kit comes with easy to follow step-by-step instructions and all the materials you need to make your hand-cranked model come to life.


This kit includes:

- custom cut wood pieces
- step by step illustrated instructions



About Clockwork Dreams

Whimsical and artistic automata toys designed by master artists, including Keith Newstead. Each model features intricate moving parts that are turned by hand crank.

Clockwork Dreams has specifically designed this series to be a joy to build and satisfactory awe when setting into motion. These 3D wooden mechanical puzzles are a delight for people of all ages.



Model size9 x 5.5 x 14 in
Recommended Age12+
Choking HazardKeep away from small children.


What is Automata?

Automata are mini-machines and moving mechanical devices that are designed to imitate real-life motion.

The wooden automata from Clockwork Dreams uses a combination of cams, gears, ratchets and cranks to make the toy move and come to life. Once you have completed assembly, turn the crank and watch the model come to life!




Some videos from Youtube!


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