Wallet Ninja – 18 In 1 Pocket Multi Tool Card

Survival tools have been popular among sportsmen, campers and travelers for a long time.

The convenience of survival tools began with the famed Swiss Army knife, which allowed users to have access to many great tools wrapped up into a small little pocket knife.

Items like a screwdriver, corkscrew, wrench and more came in a handy wrapped up unit that could be conveniently kept in a pocket. Every day carry tools are not only popular, but are very helpful. As time has gone on, the multi-use survival tools have morphed into more convenient uses and placements.

Each change to the tool has seen it become more convenient for storage while still packing more uses into them. Today, the newest multi-purpose tool is the credit card survival tool.

Beginning with convenience, the credit card survival tool is exactly as the name indicates: a tool that is the size of a credit card. The sheer convenience of this tool allows it to be stowed away nicely in a wallet or a purse.

Most are constructed from steel, making them solid, while also remaining as thin as a credit card. With the credit card survival tool, gone are the days of carrying around a bulky pocket knife or another ring on the vehicle key-chain to lug around.

The ability of the credit card survival tools to fit in a wallet allows them to be taken virtually anywhere and also lessens the chance that a person would be left without it should it ever be needed.

The features of the various credit card survival tools are plentiful. There are many different manufacturers of the new tools and each one has different customized features.