Meat Steak Digital Thermometer Station

he Clever Life Company’s grill & bbq accessories reads the temperature all the time with precision, now with WATERPROOF PROBES! This means no more over or worse, undercooked meat. Cook like a professional chef – set the meat type, the level of cooking required, then wait for the alarm to say dinner is ready!
Barbecue big juicy steaks, hamburgers or chicken. Oven roast huge joints accurately with our leave-in kitchen thermometer. It can even cook candy or deep frying with the Programmable setting. Includes digital timer with alarm & can stick to non-hot things with magnetic buttons on the back!
With 3 food grade stainless steel metal probes we allow you to measure 3 pieces of red or white meat and you don’t have to open the smoker to check the temp. Forget remote wireless instant read options or trying to get that app to work fast, go with a reliable gauge that works.